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"Since production can’t be automated, each bend is unique. i see each sign as a fingerprint. neon is inherently human, enduring but fragile, beautiful in its’ complexity, and always trying to sell you something.”

- Danielle James neon artist


She Bends

Some of the best in the neon-art world, and amplifying the female voices that have been reclaiming and improving this traditionally male-dominated trade.   


Taming Lighting Podcast

Artist and Maker Danielle James aka DJ Neon, who is currently based in Raleigh, North Carolina as an apprentice at Glas Studio. She is known for her series “signs of the times: a single lady’s life in neon” which draws the most memorable moments and online messages from the personal experiences of women using modern online dating services.   

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The Midway SF

Last year, Danielle James received yet another eye-roll inducing message in her OkCupid inbox. This one read, “why you not want kids for?” Although it wasn’t the most offensive note she had been sent in the weeks since reinstating her dating profiles, the clumsy inquiry stuck with her as she walked into Glas, the neon shop where she was apprenticing under the guidance of veteran-bender, Nate Sheaffer.